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Give A Dollar To Our Cause
PureDel.com is here to brighten Your Day !
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Your Gift Of A Dollar Allows PureDel.com to do more for You
For inquiry over our common purpose contact us at our comments and registration page

USD 1.00

Product: 2

Buy Any Individual Download of a Song by Dale Neumann
New Music Downloadable as an MP3 file available immediately
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Any Del Neu Unique Single MP3 download
Produced by Dale Neumann ( Del Neu ) - For help receiving your MP3, call me or send a message at time of ordering your MP3 download.

USD 0.77

Product: 3

Buy Any Album Download by Dale Neumann
New Music, Downloadable now
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Slope Of Hope ( the default if not otherwise specified ) or Any other Del Neu Complete Album
Produced by Dale Neumann ( Del Neu ) - For help receiving your Album, specify which album when calling us or sending a message at time of ordering your album.

USD 7.77

Product: 4

The Neu Internet Browser
NeuViewer, Crystal Clear Elegant Browsing On Your PC
Click on this picture to Launch and Run a Demo Application
NeuViewer Internet Browser Version: Personal License And Free Unlimited Support
Here is a Windows-based browser ( Supported by Any Windows technology ) that has more frequently-used controls. When you don't want to see any controls, with one click, you make them all disappear, only the Title Bar remains !!. In the top left-hand corner is a tiny progress bar that doubles as the show-controls button. You can even disable it from appearing altogether. You can also restrict the user by locking the browser down to only one location. NeuViewer has the kind of buttons ( Firewall, Notes, Network, Options, and HI POWER zOOm ) You Really Need at your Fingertips !! 30 years of computer knowledge and experience went into designing this unique browser. Worth a look ?? A Free Demo of the Latest Version is available before buying by clicking the Neuviewer snapshot photo at left here and simply "Run" it. Please let us know about Any Questions.

USD 4.77

Product: 5

Order "The Divine Herbs"
Do You realize how Good and Powerful yet Gentle these herbs are !
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Get The Good Vibrations of Powerful Healing with ~ The Divine Herbs ~
If Youve got a nose troubled by wet or dry mucus, excess ear wax, odorous armpits, skin irritation, wiry hair growth or a balding scalp, these conditions are actually indicators of a PARASITE ATTACK against youre body, and will not STOP UNTIL IT HAS DESTROYED YOU ! The Divine Herbs works along side the UNIQUE GENETICS THAT ORIGINALLY MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE to eliminate all forms of problems that parasites are responsible and heal flesh decay. Apply topically on the areas under attack. These Herbs are also safe to be taken internally in tiny doses to improve you from inside as well. The Fixed price noted for this small jar reflects the GREAT BUT GENTLE POWER of this Carefully Developed mixture. Begin with the smallest test applications until you understand the potentially omnipotent curing power these herbs maintain. amazingly long shelf life, they can be even stronger as time passes. The Divine Herbs Distributor: Dale Neumann ( Payments go directly to the Founder of the Herbs )

USD 300.00

Product: 6

Order "i26" ( Immune 26 ~ Egg Powder )
Over 100 key patents developed by The Founder I know personally !
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Give Your Immune System what it desperately needs ~ i26 ~
i26 Distributor: Dale Neumann ( Upline: Tad Galin Sr. )

USD 50.00

Product: 7

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Variable Amount Debit / Credit Card or PayPal Processing
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Send Money from Your Account to any other PayPal Account.
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Send money to Another Paypal account Conveniently and For Free.
Use Our Site for Sending Money To ANY other Paypal account from Your Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal account. Convenience ! There are Absolutely No additional fees to pay. Only PayPal collects their transaction charge ( about 3 % of the payment amount ) which is deducted off of the top of the Total Amount of Your Payment. The receiver collects the remainder amount. Ready for use immediately or Contact Us for more info.

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